Top Downloadable Free PC Games of 2020 that you must know !!

If you find a game that you can play for an hour and an hour and you don’t have to pay for a single penny. you will sure go for that game. Yes, we are talking about best Downloadable free pc games of 2020 that you can download and enjoy. You don’t need to own an extraordinary PC to play these games.

You might be thinking that you might need a pirate copy crack file or a torrent site to play these games. But you will be amazed that there are some PC games that you can play legally without any crack.I am giving you a list of Downloadable free PC games  of 2020


Top Downloadable Free PC Games of 2020


Game nameRatingsDownload Link
Planetside 29/10Download
League of Legends9.3/10Download
Killer Instinct9/10Download
War Thunder9/10Download
Lord of the Rings Online8.3/10Download
Hide and Shriek9/10Download
Evolve Stage 26/10Download
Team Fortress 29.3/10Download
DC Universe Online 9/10Download
Neverwinter 9.1/10Download
Puzzle Pirates9/10Download
Phantom Dust8.5/10Download
Fallout Shelter9/10Download


Watch Dogs

After there success in limited time giveaway of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Ubisoft have now decided to surprise their gamers once again. This time they are offering a game that is might not be an award-winning the game but yeah at least watches dogs is at least worth of playing for the gamers who are willing to play games without spending zero dollars. But there is a fact that you just need to hand over your email address to Ubisoft for downloading purpose.


Downloadable Free PC Games



Tribes: Ascend

The jetpacks rule is a thing that you can easily count on in life. Tribes: Ascend is a world premium online shooting game. You just need to Don your jetpack and launch into the battle for huge maps, with lots of weapons that will require your real-time skills. Tribes: Ascend is fast, furious and one of greatest game to play for shooting. Though there are plenty of accessories to buy in this game but for playing these game you don’t need to spend a single penny on it. You can easily unlock classes, weapons and perks by simply paying some money.


Downloadable Free PC Games



Star Wars: The Old Republic

At the moments of release star wars: The old republic was not free at all. But after so many games were adopted similar to these game they have made it free for all. All the stories in these games are available without the sub. If you want to simply experience the star wars universe from a different perspective than its worth of downloading. Its similar to the hyper-professional Imperial agent and Bounty Hunter.


Downloadable free PC games



Forza Motorsport 6 Apex

When the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer said that he will bring the consoles best franchises to the PC, he was serious about it. And the result is Forza Motorsport.

Apex bought a complete Forza Motorsport game for their players.But there is some additional content that you can download for your gaming purpose. But it’s not that much fully developed experience you can expect on Xbox one, with a 4K resolution support and also with the racing wheels.


Downloadable free PC games



Blacklight: Retribution

Blacklight retribution might not be fully free as it was before. But its worth of playing. And it’s still fun to play. It’s almost like Titanfakk. It doesn’t have any single player option. You can customize your weapons and mechanics. It has 1 million registered players and they are still counting. This game is complete with their fan favourite modes like capture the flag, Domination, King of the Hill and also kill confirmed.


Downloadable free PC games


Wrap up

So we all know that there are so many paid games available on steam, Ubisoft, PlayStation etc. But there are some games that are free for the gamers and those games can also create some momentum that you will never forget. Some games have also earned huge popularities from the gamers. And also you can not neglect that if you can play some cool games without paying anything its worth of playing and enjoy the moments.